The Big Top

Odysseo's White Big Top raising - Cavalia

Standing 125 feet tall, the White Big Top is a traffic stopping addition to the skyline of each city Odysseo visits. When visitors enter, they are immediately transported into a lavish and comfortable environment reminiscent of any permanent theatre. An exclusive VIP area hosts RENDEZ-VOUS VIP ticket holders for dining and a chance to meet the artists after the show and a private tour of the stables.

From their seats the audience will become part of a truly immersive, three dimensional experience as a state-of-the-art video screen, the size of three IMAX theatres, projects images that transport the viewer to a world of dreams. Beginning in a misty, enchanted forest where a herd of horses graze and frolic under a sky of rolling clouds and a setting sun, Odysseo travels to some of nature’s greatest wonders. Without ever leaving their seats the audience will see the desert and savanna of Africa, the American Southwest, the Northern Lights, an ice cave, verdant fields and Easter Island.

The Odysseo White Big Top is more than twice as big as the structure created for Cavalia’s original production. The newest incarnation was designed in collaboration with the consultants at the Italian firm Canobbio, who also oversaw the construction. Asteo in France and Genivar in Canada supervised engineering operations. The arches that support the massive structure were built by Show Canada.


  • Rises 125 feet into the sky.
  • Covers an area of 393 feet long by 311 feet wide.
  • Spans more than 120,000 square feet.

Inside the big top

  • A stage covering close to 8,200 square feet.
  • No obstruction on stage or in the audience.
  • A seating capacity of 2,000.

Assembly and transportation

  • The installation requires 40 motors and a mechanical crane.
  • The 3 arches are 88 feet high by 203 feet wide.
  • 20 trucks are required to transport the Big Top.